Property Zero

The Path to Carbon Neutrality for UK Housing

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The UK’s Net Zero target is under threat

Annual CO2 emissions for the country are around


UK housing is a big part of the problem.

of greenhouse gas emissions come from UK homes

In 2019 the residential sector emitted 81.6Mt CO2, accounting for 22% of all UK carbon dioxide emissions


is the equivalent of taking:

transatlantic flights

This is because % of our homes are classified as inefficient

We are improving but not fast enough

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How do we get to Property Zero

The average home releases 2.77 tonnes of CO2 every year

  • Gas-powered central heating
  • Poor insulation
  • Electricity from national grid only
  • Single-glazed windows

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Our first step is by far
the most cost-effective

Cost of reducing emissions by one tonne

Creating a clear path to carbon neutrality for UK homes

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Reduce Energy consumption

Total emissions

Fabric Updates

Improve Energy efficiency

Total emissions

Decarbonisation of Electricity

Total emissions

Decarbonisation of Heating

Total emissions

Emissions reduced to


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The UK contains huge regional differences in emissions based on the housing type, fuel source and level of energy efficiency.

Average Emissions Per Property (T)

  • > 3 T
  • 2.81 T - 3.0 T
  • 2.70 T - 2.80 T
  • < 2.70 T

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